What To Expect

Mi-Ki's of Sweden

... the new and rare dog breed...

What to Expect...


A happy, healthy, socialized puppies lovingly raised in our home around adults, children, pets and lots of fun!


A health certificate from a licensed veterinarian who performed at an inspection (no older than one week).


A health insurance for hidden defects that were not found at a health inspection. The insurance is valid for 3 years. The insurance is valid for all veterinary treatment of hidden defect. Expempel a hidden defect is: a heart condition that has not been discovered at the healt inspection. The insurance also include a life insurance.


The puppy has had its microchip and been dewormed.


When the puppy is around 7 weeks old, he will be vaccinated against distemper, parvovirus and infectious liver inflammation (HCC, hepatitis). At 12 weeks of age your puppy will get a refill of the same vaccination plus against Kennel cough.


Puppies reared with their mother and siblings. Parents are carefully selected to match each other. Both parents meet the breeding and exhibition standard. Parents already have DNA profiled to prove the pedigree (bloodline). We will also make an assessment as to minimize kinship, all according to breeding rules. Both parents have passed an eyes and knee (patella) examination, done by a certified Vet. Parents have also been given a mental evaluation by a certified Dog Trainer.


You will also receive a 'Welcome-Home-Package' containing; a blanket with mom's ensuring scent, toys, food, candy and more. All to ensure that you have what you need for your puppy's homecoming.



Once you have reserved your puppy we will send you status updates, pictures and videos from your puppy's development from birth onwards, as well as photos of the puppy's parents.


We can help to arrange the delivery of your puppy to your home.


We pledge to continue to be supported for the new owner throughout the dog's lifetime.