The Ideal Mi-Ki

Mi-Ki's of Sweden

... the new and rare dog breed...

The Ideal Mi-Ki


An ideal Mi-Ki, either male or female, is a small, friendly, elegant toy dog of fine to medium bone structure. The skull would be well rounded and have a well defined stop of 90-degrees with the muzzle being wide and having a length of 1/8 to 1/4 the measurement of the head from the base of the skull to the stop.


The nose would be black, medium in size and flat on top. The bite would be even to slightly undershot. The eyes large, dark, round and set well apart. The ears winged and well fringed. The neck is elegant and of medium length


The height would be between 7 and 9 inches at the withers with the back length, from the base of the neck to the front of the tail, would be up to 2 inches longer than the height.


The weight would be 5-8 pounds depending largely on height, length and bone structure.


A heavily plumed tail should gently curl over the back, blending into the body coat, which is long, silky, non-shedding and left to grow to its natural length.


The fore and hindquarters would be well angulated and level, heavily coated. The front feet may gently turn out while the back feet are straight and legs viewed as parallel frombehind.


The subsequent gait would be light, straight, smooth and flowing. The show cut would expose the front of the head, muzzle, neck and feet up to theankles having been shaved within 1/8" of the skin. This ideal Mi-Ki would be acceptable in any color or color combination.