Mi-Ki's of Sweden

... the new and rare dog breed...

Mi-Ki ~ The Perfect Dog!


If you are looking for a dog that is beautiful, intelligent, and a loving companion, than look no further. The rare breed Mi-Ki is the dog of your dreams.


These lap dogs love to hang out on your lap or cuddle around you, but also love to go on a long walk. Suitable for the city but also in the woods and out in the the country! The Mi-Ki is very intelligent and easy to train.


The Mi-Ki comes in a variety of colors and has two different types of coats, long coat and smooth coat. The long coat is more common and easy maintained. The smooth coat has feathered ears and legs, but no beard and mustache. All Mi-Ki's have hair, not fur, so less shedding.


The Mi-Ki's has a nice personality, easy to calm down and easy to get started. She lies down to rest when I sit down, and is quickly prepared for fun when I want to do something. We have taken our Mi-Ki's to malls, cafe, parks, on bus, on train, in the city and in the woods, on boat and many other places. Everywhere we go, people stop us and ask about this breed of dogs. Of course, the dogs love all the attention.